Cloud solutions for TV channels

HTML5 player, content adaptation, long-term broadcast recording and much more
Uninterrupted online streaming
Provide a 24-hour broadcast cast to an audience of any size anywhere in the world. Additional options can be connected to the service: DVR (rewind live broadcast), cutting of the necessary fragments from thebroadcast.
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Video on Demand
Show Full HD, 4K, 360 ° videos anywhere in the world to audiences of any size. If necessary, the content can be transcoded for display in adaptive bitrate mode.
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Adapt video for all devices
Platformcraft transcoding service allows you to create quickly several video qualities and to combine them into a single playlist with an adaptive bitrate. Your video will be available on all devices in the maximum available quality.
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Create your unique cross platform player
Even if you have no experience in web development at all, you will be able to create quickly your unique HTML5 player, which will be available on all platforms. The player also has options of content monetization, subtitle support and much more.
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Monetize your content
Our player requests several advertising aggregators at once, trying to get an advertising content from them. Such an advertising carousel allows you to increase revenue from browsing video in the Internet.
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Long-term broadcast recording
You can monitor quality of your broadcasts and you will able to provide the records any period of your broadcast to partners or ads providers.
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Protection against DDoS attacks
Protect your TV channel from intruders and ensure 24/7 availability of your resource.
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Guaranteed video delivery around the world

Cloud platform Platformcraft is closely integrated with leading Russian and European Content Delivery Network (CDN) operators, which ensures high-quality content delivery around the world at maximum speeds. Your audience will be able to enjoy watching content in the highest quality anywhere in the world.