Cloud solutions for sports events

Broadcast recording, HTML5 player, making live broadcast, content monetization, immunity to traffic spikes
Uninterrupted online streaming to any audience
Broadcast sports events anywhere in the world to audiences of all sizes. If necessary, the broadcast can be transcoded in several qualities and protected from theft.
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Video on Demand
Show sports events in Full HD, 4K and 360 ° without capital investment in infrastructure. Thanks to the global CDN coverage, your content will be available anywhere in the world on any device.
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Record your events
Record and post on your website sports events so that the users can enjoy the event again and again. The service of record monitoring will notify you in case of problems with the stream.
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Adapt content for all devices
Platformcraft transcoding service allows to create quickly several video qualities and to combine them with an adaptive bitrate. The users will be able to watch content without buffering in the maximum available quality.
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Monetize your content
Using content selling service, you can customize the payments reception for viewing sports events. You can also connect the advertising carousel, which will provide maximum revenue from advertising.
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Create your unique HTML5 player
Create a player with a unique design and social sharing, so that the users can share your events with their friends, ensuring your audience growth.
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Protection against DDoS attacks
Protect your resource from unwanted hacker attacks and ensure 24/7 availability of your resource. Innovative technologies for calculating DDoS attacks react instantly and block specific requests, not entire IP addresses.
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Guaranteed video delivery around the world

Close integration with leading Russian and European Content Delivery Network (CDN) operators ensures your sports events availability at maximum quality worldwide. Your audience will receive content from the closest node to us, which will ensure the absence of buffering and delays.