Cloud solutions for media portals

Video availability worldwide, HTML5 player, making live broadcast, content monetization.
Video on Demand
Display high quality video and panoramic video content without capital investment in infrastructure. The content will be available on all devices, anywhere in the world.
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Store and adapt content for all devices
Multiple replication of content will ensure the continued availability of your video content, and Platformcraft transcoding capacities will allow to adaptive content for all devices.
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Create your unique TV channel from video files
Video streaming service allows you to make and publish a playlist, that will be available to users in Live mode. You don't need to have expensive equipment and special skills. Just make a playlist and publish it.
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Monetize your content
This service allows you to connect several advertising aggregators at once or to customize a process of content selling, in which the users will have to pay in advance for viewing.
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Create your unique HTML5 player
Give your player a unique design that will look great on your website. Our player also supports many options: subtitles, language switching, social buttons and much more.
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Guaranteed video delivery around the world

Close integration with leading Russian and European Content Delivery Network (CDN) operators ensures high-quality content delivery around the world at maximum speeds without buffering. Your audience will be able to enjoy watching content at maximum speeds on any device anywhere in the world.