Video content monetization from several agencies at once

The unique solution to increase revenue from video content
Monetize your video
from several agencies at once
We developed an algorithm, that allows to make requests to advertising agencies in turn to reduce the number of "empty" advertising responses, thereby increasing your advertising revenue.

We are ready to offer you advertising agencies with which we have agreements. But if required, you can add your advertising aggregator with the right priority in the advertising carousel.

Optionally you can use our advertising link in your player, but our player is preferable.
Additional information
What are the monetization options?
  • Pre-roll
  • Mid-roll
  • Post-roll
  • Pause-roll
Why is better to use our player?
We have thoroughly tested the display of advertising content in our player, and we also collect analytics from it. But if you want, you can use your player.
Sell your content
Increase revenue from your unique content by selling it to your audience. We support a model of free previewing of a small video fragment and a model when the user will have to pay before viewing.

In addition to video, we support selling all other types of content: a unique disposable download link will be sent to the user's e-mail after payment.
Additional information
What options for selling content are?
  • Showing of a small video content, so that the user can decide whether he is interested in it or not.
  • Payment for video display before playback.
  • Sale of images, pictures, distributions etc. with pre-payment and receiving a unique disposable download link.
Can I embed a sale into my player?
No, you can't. Content selling works in our player only.
Do you take any commission?
Yes, we keep a commission of 15% of each sale. We list you the rest at the beginning of the next calendar month.