Secure storage of any type of content for your business

Store you content in the geographical distributed cloud platform with SLA 99,99%.
Cloud storage for any type of content
Store videos, images, scripts, documents
Self-created and patented software of Platformcraft completely removes limitations on stored objects, their amount and size. Store any volume of any content in a convenient form.
File multiple replication
To keep your files constantly available.
After uploading the content, we instantly make several copies and place them into geographically independent nodes of our cloud storage. This ensures that your content is always available in case of network problems or an accident on our nodes.

You can get link to your content only when it has already begun to spread in our cloud and at least one copy of it has been created.
Additional information
What can be stored?
  • Video
  • Images
  • Scripts
  • Distributions package
  • Documents
Do you have API?
Yes, we do