Multifunctional multiplatform HTML5 player

will allow you to realize your all your ideas
Create your unique player
We use and develop world-renowned HTML5 player VideoJS. Due to its popularity and our developments, the player has many options: branding, subtitles support, monetization, adaptive bitrate and more.

Popularity of VideoJS guarantees its continuous development and availability on all known platforms.

The player with all options is free. We will explain and help you configure the player that fits well in your resource.
Additional information
  • Social Share
  • Branding
  • Advertisement support
  • Acceptable for Live and VoD
  • Convenient placement on the website via Iframe
  • Adaptive bitrate
  • Subtitles support
  • Recommended video
  • Selling video
  • Getting analytics from the player
When is it not recommended to use your player?
We understand that you can have your own good player. But there are options, that we tested, and we are sure in their work in our player.
  • Advertising carousel for content monetization
  • Analytic collection
What protocols does the player support?
  • HLS