Cloud solutions for gaming industry

Distribution of game content around the world at maximum speeds, reliable storage and content processing
Store distributions and game content securely
The most important thing in games is their availability and updating speed. Multiple content replication guarantees that your games and internal files will be always available.
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Protection against DDoS attacks
The innovative protection of game resources from hacker attacks reacts quickly at the beginning of an attack and blocks individual requests, not the entire IP.
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Adapt in-game content for any screens
Using this service, you can resize images on the fly. Have you added a new sword? There is no problem! You don't have to save it in several qualities. Upload only one version and resize it into any resolution, inserting the parameter in the link.
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Post tournaments or create TV channel with games reviews
Make a playlist with championship records or games reviews and publish it in Live mode. Your unique TV channel will be available 24 hours a day on any device around the world.
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Guaranteed video delivery around the world

Distribute your games and in-game content at maximum speeds around the world. The close symbiosis of cloud storage and Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures that content will be always available anywhere in the world. Give your players the opportunity to enjoy the gameplay any time anywhere and on any device.